CIRCA EIGHTY TWO, LLC is a Creative Agency created in 2013 by husband and wife creative team: Willard Hill + Quan Lateef-Hill. Our vision is to connect creative professionals to productivity products, experiences, ideas, content, and resources that will inspire them to keep creating. We also consult with brands to help them find organic ways to promote and connect with creatives and artists. We are FOR creatives, BY creatives…

Who we are...

My name is Quan and I’m a CREATIVE 😊

My focus is on shifting consciousness and creating change through expanding the perspectives of women, people of color, and youth.  I make films as well as content for tv, online, and digital. I also produce and create amazing live event experiences from panels, to concerts, to festivals and I love sharing my God given talents with dope people. 


Born and raised in the Midwest— and molded from an influential family of givers, teachers, and community leaders— I believe in doing good for goodness sake and not anticipating a reward or opportunity outside of the joy and light you receive from giving back.


At my core I’m an organizer, of people and things, but I’m also a doer, which comes in handy when I am making a film, producing an event, organizing a service project, starting a company, or changing the world. 


I’m really passionate about empowering and encouraging others as we all battle with daily ups and downs, toxic people, bad environments, and outside forces that weigh us down. I’m pro-US/one-ness and seeing the connectivity in all humans while celebrating every small difference. Together we can be strong and shine together! 

FROM:  Quan

Wuzzup?!  I'm Willard.  I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. If you talk to me for more than 5 minutes you can tell by my accent.  The sights and sounds of the city gave me the desire to explore my world— which I love to expand through travel.


I've always had a thing for day dreaming, making up songs, and doodling.  My friends liked it... my teachers... not so much.  It wasn't until later that I realized one of Life's best kept secrets— God knows what's best!  The Arts have since taken me around the world and back. *looks at my crusty old teachers 😎*


My passion is Music but as a true DIY'er I find myself doing everything from digital design to web design, merchandising to marketing.  Mostly... I love creating melodies and rhythms, as well as telling stories to help us understand the human condition and how sh*t plays out in The Creator's mysterious ways.  I respect all art forms that remind me that The Creator shines through us all in different ways.


I also like movies, sushi, and starting slow claps.

FROM:  Willard